Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Weeks

My blog looks live I've been seriously trucking along the last couple days - 3 weeks in 2 days ;) If only it actually went that fast, right? There is still a list of things I'd like to tackle and get done before D-Day arrives but I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. I'm ready to stop lugging around this huge belly. Ready to be able to lay down in bed again. Ready to have shirts that actually cover my belly. Ready to have more patience with the kids.....well, at least I like to blame my lack of patience some days on the hormones ;) I'm ready to not go to the doctor every week. Ready to get outside and get my kids in and out of the car on my own more often - it would also help if Spring would hurry up and show it's face.

Anyway, today was my 30 week appointment and growth ultrasound. It was the first time we've attempted to take the kids with us to an ultrasound & it was scheduled right at lunch time. I endured an epic tantrum from Hadley all the way to town and to the doctor's office all because she saw the snack cups I made and then watched me pack them in my purse instead of giving them to her. That girl has a serious temper. Anyway, the ultrasound went well & the kids behaved. They sat and ate quietly for the majority of the time we were in there. Elliot was very excited to see his baby sisters & he did a good job narrating everything that was going on. Jessica, our ultrasound extraordinaire has kids relatively close in age to mine so she did great talking to them and asking questions.

Baby A is mostly head down - for now at least. It looked like she was way down there but I've thought that before and she's managed to flip around. Both girls have their heads on my right side with their bodies laying on top of each other. It's so interesting to see them on the ultrasound & see the positions they're able to get themselves into. At this point it's getting harder and harder to tell what belongs to who & we eventually gave up trying to differentiate which cord belonged to which baby since we couldn't follow it on the ultrasound (there was always some body part in the way). Their growth discrepancy was 12% at our last ultrasound but today was only 7%. They're now back measuring within 4ish days of each other as opposed to being a week apart last time. Baby A measured in at 29 weeks, 6 days with a weight of 3lb. 4oz. with a heartrate of 130 and Baby B is measuring about 29 weeks, 2 days with a weight of 3lb. 1oz. and a heartrate of 132. Jessica was still pretty confident about their sizes being accurate but did say that as they get bigger it will probably get harder to get really accurate weight estimates. Still, it is a bit crazy to think that at 30 weeks pregnant I already have over 6lb. of baby in there!! Amniotic fluid was measuring at just over 6cm in each sac and my cervix was measuring 5.75 which is awesome. Everything else at my appointment checked out well - my blood pressure was back down into it's "normal" (normal for this pregnancy at least) range and my fundal height was 41cm. this week which seems a little more in line.

Yesterday was my initial consultation with the diabetes center. I hate that I have to do the gestational diabetes stuff but it is what it is. I was rather enjoying eating when I felt like it and not thinking too much about it. Still, I think this time will be better than my last rodeo with GD. I was in the hospital and severely limited on food choices. This time I am able to cook, shop and make my own choices and therefore have a lot more variety. I've got the finger pricking thing down & that doesn't bother me but having to think about my snack before I grab it and stuff it in my mouth is new territory. So far the only number I've had trouble with is my fasting blood sugar which I take first thing in the morning - oh and the unfortunate incident the fast food burger caused after lunch today (OOPS!!). I was told that the extra hormones I'm making could very well lead to a higher than normal fasting blood sugar & it could have nothing to do with what I'm eating. This first week is really a trial and error week for me as I figure out which foods I can handle well and which ones seem to be more of a trigger for high blood sugars. It's a learning process that's for sure but it is a good one. It's never a bad thing to have to learn how to be concious about what I'm eating and how healthy it might be for me!

********I'll be back later to add some 30 week pictures of myself and at least one of the girls!!

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