Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22 Weeks

I'm definitely feeling more than a wee bit pregnant these days! While taking pictures Petey remarked at how much bigger I looked tonight. Remind me to thank him for that comment later ;)

Yesterday, while trying on bridesmaids dresses for Anndee's wedding the consultant thought I was eight months along. Imagine the surprise on the alteration woman's face when I told her I was only 22 weeks. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how large I end up!

I'm feeling a lot more movement these days. Most of it seems to be concentrated really low although every once in awhile I feel movements up higher. A few different times I've felt the stretching pushing movements which are more painful than the quick jabs and quicks! It's fun and reassuring to feel the girls moving around and I can't wait until we see them again. It feels like it's been ages when in reality it's only been a couple weeks since our anatomy scan and a week since my last doctor's appointment. Our next appointment and ultrasound is next week. I'm interested to find out what I'm measuring and how the girls are growing!

The shopping monkey

Hadley the shopping monkey. That accurately sums up Miss Hadley lately.

This past weekend she went on three different shopping trips and did fabulously. Almost too fabulously. I'm starting to fear just how expensive she might be in her teen years. There's no doubt this girl loves shoes. Now, there's no doubt she loves to help pick out clothes - particularly her own and her little sister's.

Saturday my mom, Hadley and I went on a marathon shopping trip at the outlet mall in Williamsburg. It was so strange to only have one child & a small umbrella stroller. Usually when I go there I'm with two other friends and a total of 7 children. Yes, it's crazy. Crazy fun as well. Anyway, Hadley had a blast checking everything out & holding clothes up to herself to see how they looked. She also had a good time relieving some racks of their burden..... Sunday she went shopping with Mum-Mum & Papa at Kohl's which was a short but still exciting trip for her.

Yesterday, she came along while I picked out a bridesmaids dress for my best friend's wedding. Seeing all the blingy, pretty things at the bridal store was almost too much for her! And all those mirrors where she could admire herself. Yes, there's no doubt she's our little diva.

Hadley has also been quite the little monkey. Several times a day I pull her off the top of the kitchen table and I tell her to sit down 1,000,000,000,000,000 times a day before she falls off of something and breaks an important body part. She's easily surpassed her brother in the number of bumps and bruises she's acquired. Suffice it to say she's not afraid of much and is quite the little dare-devil.