Monday, April 25, 2011

31 weeks (almost)

Tomorrow will officially mark 31 weeks but today was my 31 week appointment. Everything checked out really well which was a relief! My weight was up a little up which is to be expected. My blood pressure was the lowest it's been in quite awhile. I thought it was a fluke last week when they checked it at the diabetes center but I guess not. I fully expected it to go UP the further along I got but instead it seems to be going down. Cervix is still closed which is a relief and makes me feel more confident that I'll be able to cook these girls a few more weeks. I'm measuring at 44cm this week which is equivalent to being 44 weeks pregnant with a single baby - not comfortable at all if you can imagine! I told Petey that I knew I was incredibly large when my toddlers disappeared under my belly and I walked over them. So, that might give you a bit of a visual.......

It seems like absolute craziness to me that I'm down to saying 'weeks' until they get here instead of 'months'. It makes this all seem so much more real although I'll admit I'm not sure I'll 100% believe this is all true until I'm holding TWO babies at once. Two of my own babies. Want to know what else is craziness? Taking two toddler to the "baby doctor" with us. Baby doctor is what Elliot calls any of my doctors. As soon as he heard I was going to see the baby doctor today he insisted on coming along and helped pick out quiet toys to take with. My purse was ready to burst!! They both did really well in the waiting room and in the exam room. As soon as the doctor came in Hadley was not so sure about all of this anymore and she was NOT ok with someone touching her mommy. Elliot was so into watching his baby sisters on the small ultrasound screen that he didn't care at all. Daddy had to lift him up so he could see it even better.

Speaking of Elliot...it has been so much fun to see how much he understands lately. I know he doesn't completely comprehend the fact that he's going to have two new baby sisters but he seems to have a pretty good understanding for a little guy his age. He will tell anyone who asks that his Mommy is having two babies and that they are "down there" meaning in the tummy. Lately he seems to think he has two babies in his tummy  - not sure where he got that but it's a fairly new thing. He talks about his baby sisters and prays for his baby sisters which just melts a person's heart. I am actually kind of excited to see him with them. He can be such a sweetheart and seems to have a soft spot for babies. As for Hadley....let's just say she has never been ok with sharing her mommy or daddy with any other baby even for a few minutes. And, if the way she reacted to the doctor checking me today is any indication we could be in for an interesting adjustment period!

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