Thursday, July 5, 2012

A month

It's been almost a month since I've been here last. I haven't even had time to stop by & leave without anything inspiring to write. I've had plenty I want to share - mostly birthday related things- but just.no.time. I have no idea where the time went. It just seems to disappear & *poof* away. This post will be short & likely a little scattered (much like my brain lately).

Last time I shared 7 things with you on the 7th of June. I thought that was kind of fun so today I'll leave you 5 random things on the fifth of July. (It is the 5th of July, right?!?!)

  1. Elliot is now 4 & everyday he seems more and more like a big boy and not my little man anymore :( He starts school next month. My mind is still trapping to grasp this. He still assures me many times a day that he is "still my baby boy" :) 
  2. We had a big birthday party. Pulling off a celebration for three kids in one day went pretty well. It wasn't as sweltering hot as it could have been (definitely nothing like this week!) and the kids had a blast.
  3. The kids finally got to go visit Daddy's "new" work. He's worked at Deere since February but the kids have only ever been in the parking lot. Dubuque Works threw a big 175th bash that we all thoroughly enjoyed. I was very impressed and we were blessed with another beautiful day.
  4. I'm a year older. Yippee........you should note a large level of sarcasm there ;) Sometimes I feel much older than the twenty-seven years I now am and other times I don't feel like I'm quite old enough to have four kids, a mortgage, house to take care of, meals to cook, etc.
  5. The husband and I just had a weekend away from the all 4 kids and away from home for the first time. We used to have kid free weekends more often when it was just Elliot and Hadley. For some reason the grandparents are a lot more willing to take 2 kids instead of 4. ;)
As you can imagine (maybe?) that's a brief glimpse into some of the posts I need to catch up on. If you read this and are of the praying type I've got a couple you can toss at the Big Guy for us. My apologies that they'll be kind of vague. First, some clarity about the direction the husband wants his career his to go at Deere. Second, prayer for a big, big thing we have going on in our lives/family (no, I'm NOT pregnant). We'll elaborate more at a later date but it's something that has been consuming our minds and hearts for awhile and we just need a lot of prayer.