Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am itching to share something big. I may or may not be the only person who reads this and that's ok but I'm still itching to share something big. Hopefully soon that big something will be let out of the box. Ok, whew, got that off my chest.

How was our weekend? I'm so glad you asked! ;) We had an absolutely amazing time. Friday we made it to Ames in time to check into our hotel, potty break and head out again for Anthem. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

After Anthem we hit up Applebees for some half price apps. Applebees & half price appetizers have a special place in our relationship & no, not because it's a great deal. When we were at school in Minnesota we had pretty strict visiting hours. Boys & girls were only allowed in each other's dorms on Tuesdays & Thursdays for a couple hours & then again on the weekends for a few hours. Needless to say all the common areas filled up really fast. On top of that we lived in two totally different dorms that were not close to one another and Mike worked until 10 or so most nights which meant there was no where left to find privacy and Minnesota is COLD  in the fall/winter/spring which meant no hanging out outside. So, the husband (then fiance) would swing by after work, pick me up & we would hang out at Applebee's (where it was warm) & eat half price apps. It's something special that we try to do whenever we can. Anyway, they were really good! After that we headed back to the hotel, played some games on our phones and crashed. We each got our own bed that night - it was fantastic!

Saturday we were going to take in some Great Plains before heading up to my parent's to get the kids but we ended up meeting them at a new (new to me at least) Chinese place in FD. The kids were actually pretty excited to see us. Mum-Mum & Papa were still in one piece and seemed to be surviving as well. The big kids were able to ride the little rides. As in we actually gave them quarters to make them light up & move. They were in heaven! It makes me so happy to see the little things bring them so much joy. My mom and I did some major shopping after that. We slayed Younkers. I am not used to that kind of shopping anymore though. I'm usually spent after one store with my kiddos. MumMum is unstoppable! I also wore the wrong shoes for a major shopping trip! Saturday night we checked out the progress on the new house & ate pizza. The kids were, once again, in heaven. They're little pizza fiends.

Sunday we packed everyone up and headed back to Ames. We've missed Cornerstone so, so, so much since we moved and rarely get a chance to attend a service there. They're children's programs are top notch. It was awesome to be able to drop each of the kids off & have them all be excited - well mostly anyway. The teaching there is also top notch. I always leave there feeling filled up - both spiritually and intellectually. We were able to catch our friends on our way to pick up the kids. We hit up one of our favorite local establishments for lunch. It was the lunch from h-e-l-l. We've never had any big issues eating out with the four kids until then. The big kids were tired, didn't eat & just laid on the benches. And randomly screamed. Adelyn screamed and shrieked and threw herself all over the whole time even after we changed her dirty patootie. Even sweet, quiet Kailyn got in on the grumpies. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when we left.

Before heading home we met up with some friends at the BK playplace. The kids LOVED that although it took a while before they decided they weren't 'scared' of the slide. Little goofs. It was awesome to catch up and let the kids burn off some energy before we headed home.

All in all a fantastic, fabulous, amazing weekend. We were exhausted when we got home but it was worth it. We miss living there. Maybe someday......