Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Day

That's what today has been....another day. It's actually been a pretty good day. I felt like I was back in the world of the living and Elliot was pretty happy, too. I was actually able to get down on the floor and play with him without feeling super sick or having to lunge after the box of kleenex to catch my nose!

I need to take some pictures of him being 9 months old - I've been a naughty mommy lately and haven't taken too many pictures mostly because I've felt so crappy. There are a LOT of stuff that we need to get done around here though in the next couple days. Petey is really busy finishing stuff up and working before spring break starts.

On the list of stuff to get done:
- Finish laundry (including folding it!)
- Put said laundry away
- Wash dishes and put those away
- De-clutter, de-clutter, DE-CLUTTER
- Figure out our plans for next week
- Clean bathrooms and kitchen again

I know most of this sounds like normal everyday stuff that should be done around a home but after being sick for over a week NOTHING got done so we've got a lot of catching up to do. Petey's parents will be here at the end of spring break so we would like our place to be clean and look nice for when they get here but we'll most likely be gone/busy a majority of the week so it needs to be done now. As long as Elliot is cooperative I know it will all be accomplished.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Been awhile

Wow...it's been a while since I've showed my face on our blog. Shame shame, right? ;)

I've spent most of today on the couch with Mr. Elliot. I'm still battling this nasty crud I picked up from somewhere (ahem, Dad). Fortunately Elliot seems to have missed out on the flu/crud stuff Petey and I passed around last week. I'm glad the really nasty stuff only lasted about a day for each of us but it was bad while it lasted.

Elliot has been in a super clingy, must-have-mommy-at-all-times phase lately. He's getting used to the phrase "Mommy has to go potty" & then I tap on the bathroom door. He doesn't freak out when I do that but if I leave without saying that or saying anything else he gets upset even if he can still hear me. Silly boy.

Elliot has learned to pull himself up on his music table. He seems to really enjoy being on his knees but he's not so coordinated so once in awhile he bonks his head on it. He also really enjoys the 'page' that he can turn or chew on. He's also getting much, much better at being on all fours. He used to H.A.T.E. it so we're definitely happy with this turn of events. This past week he's even put himself there once or twice. Maybe there is hope of him crawling! ;)

Four more days of classes and then Petey is on SPRING BREAK! I'm so excited for him to have a break and to get to have some time together. We're hoping to get to Minnesota for a couple days to see some friends and relax. I really want to take Elliot to the zoo. I think he would love seeing all the animals in real life since he likes them in his books so much.

Elliot's been saying "ma ma ma ma ma" all the time now too. I can't decide if he knows that he's calling for me or if he's just talking to himself. Either way it's a lot of fun to hear!