Thursday, June 10, 2010

December 2009

December, as you can imagine, was a crazy busy month. Here are some highlights and a few pictures:

-Elliot is 18 months old
-Hadley is 2 months old
-Elliot & Hadley go to Hilton for the first time - to watch the ISU women's VB team in the NCAA tournament
-Petey finishes up his last fall semester at ISU as an undergraduate
-I stopped pumping milk for Hadley
-Big preparations were made for our trip to California - this may have to be a post of it's own!
-Christmas celebrations with all of our families

Little Miss Hadley getting ready to go out & brave the cold! LOVE her little hat :)

We had some crazy snowstorms and blizzards. ISU actually shut down and gave Petey a day off from classes which was fantastic! This is just one picture - it doesn't show just how terrible it was. We lived in a protected alley too & we still were buried in.Elliot & Hadley hanging out before bed. She isn't much smaller than her big brother!

Been Awhile

Needless to say this blog has been neglected. Several times I've thought about posting an update and I know that I could do it pretty quickly and easily but the sheer amount of things I feel like I need to post about it overwhelms me and I just can't bring myself to sit down and do a half hearted job. Well...no longer. I'M BACK!! :) I feel like I've said that a couple times before so this time I make no promises to be a regular poster - just that I do plan on catching up on the last 6 months. SIX MONTHS?!?!? Holy wow....this may take awhile. Bear with me.

I'm planning on making each month it's own post & jotting down what I can think of off the op of my head. It may not (& probably won't be) everything but hopefully there will be some pictures scattered throughout. First up.......DECEMBER!