Friday, July 17, 2009


Elliot got his first real boo-boo tonight. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that it has taken him this long to really do something to himself especially considering how un-coordinated his parents have both proven themselves to be in the past..... His boo-boo isn't very bad but I still feel bad for the poor little guy. It happened while we were all playing on the playground equipment right outside of our place tonight. Elliot LOVES to go down the slide & he's learned how to climb up the steps which is what he was doing when he face-planted & cut open his lower lip. He was quite upset & had his head buried in one of our shoulders for awhile so we didn't even know he had been bleeding at first. When people say that kids are resilient they really aren't joking! We walked to get the mail and by the time we came back & he saw the the playground equipment he was soooo excited ;) No more playing for him tonight though as it was getting close to bedtime. We gave him a cold icy-pop thing to suck on which he wasn't so sure about at first. He really does NOT like cold stuff but once he figured out it was sweet he was all for it. It was so funny!

Yesterday we reached 25 weeks. Monday will be 25 weeks, 4 days - the day everything started falling apart. To say that I am nervous, anxious and plain scared out of mind is an understatement. I try not to think about it and push it as far from my mind as I can but it's still there, lingering in the background & ready to consume my mind if I let it. Elliot has been a good distraction & aside from today (when he was really whiny) he's been such a big boy & cracked me up quite a few times. It's like he knows Mommy needs a break but apparently today he thought that break should be over or he forgot..... Cupcake has looked perfect on all of my ultrasounds so far and as of last Friday was weighing 1lb. 12oz which is the 59%. I was pretty happy with that size - not too small & not too huge - perfect. She's usually very stubborn & puts herself into all sorts of positions that keep the techs from getting the right measurements but last week they finally got all of the stuff they had been looking for. As always she was moving and grooving all over the place & I kept having to roll from side to side to try to get her to move in the right direction. If you were there you probably would have found it funny! The lady who did my ultrasound commented on how much she was moving her lips as if she was trying to suck on something. I had to laugh because that is EXACTLY what Elliot did in every ultrasound I had with him. At my 20 weeks ultrasound with Cupcake she actually managed to get her thumb in that little mouth :)

We're supposed to be moving in about two weeks. Our stuff is not packed and ready. Well, some of it is but not nearly as much as I hoped we'd have done. I never imagined how difficult it was going to be to pack with a 13 month old following behind and unpacking everything I just packed. Tomorrow my goal is to attack my scrapbook stuff & get it packed FINALLY. I've been putting this off in the hopes of being able to work on some stuff but it hasn't really happened. I think sitting down & pouring some creativity into my scrapbooks would help me de-stress a little but there is no time for that right now.

Speaking of stress.....we have no idea HOW we're moving our stuff to our new place. As of right now we're supposed to be out of here on July 31st & we also get our keys to our new place that day between 3 & 6. There are ZERO rental trucks available for the amount of time we would need or want them. We're starting to really worry about what is going to happen & how we're going to get everything across town.