Monday, April 18, 2011

28 Weeks

Yikes - I'm behind! I can't believe the last time I sat down to post anything was April 1st.

So, here is my brief 28 week update :)

The baby bump is continuing to grow. It feels like it will soon be at astronomical proportions although I'm guessing I'll feel like I wasn't so big at 28 weeks when I compare it to the the belly I'm sporting on delivery day. Still, for now, it feels BIG and I can tell it's definitely riding lower than it was even a week ago. Not only can I feel it but I could see a difference just from looking at the weekly pictures. Doctor's appointment went well & there wasn't much to report. Blood pressure normal, weight about the same, cervix still long and closed. I finally met the last doctor in the practice so I can officially say I've met everyone. My opinions on my "favorite" haven't changed. I have pretty good confidence in all of them but there are a couple I feel much more comfortable and at ease with.

I'm definitely starting to feel very pregnant. My body is also telling me when I do too much. I haven't had consistent contractions but they are popping up more and more as well as those pesky braxton hicks. Fortunately none of them have changed anything so I don't have cause for concern. A lot of my parts that have been sort of achy the last few weeks are entering into the full on OUCH stage. Not looking forward to any of that getting worse although I'm sure it will. In the end it will be worth it and I'm sure I'll look back and think "oh it wasn't THAT bad" - well maybe.

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