Tuesday, August 10, 2010

March 2010

March came in like a lion....and stayed that way! Our schedule was pretty packed in March with everything from birthday parties to buying a house. Look out - this may be one loaded post!

The "quick" recap:
-The four of us plus my parents traveled to Sparta, WI to celebrate our Godson Matthew's 1st birthday.
-Hadley had her first experience in a pool. She was not impressed at first but quickly warmed up to it and LOVED it!
-The day after Matthew's party we traveled to Dubuque to look at houses & attend a few open houses. We found one house we absolutely LOVED & put an offer in even though it was way out of our price range. Thankfully that deal fell through leading us to our amazing realtor & the perfect house.
-Elliot got really sick for the first time. The poor little man just layed on the couch and stared :(
-Petey turned 25. Elliot was sick on his b-day but, as a surprise, Alex & Wanda plus Jim, Jen, Val & Kyle came to celebrate with us at Hickory Park a few days later.
-The kids & I made Daddy a dog from Build-A-Bear for his b-day.
-Elliot & Hadley stayed with Mum-Mum & Papa while Petey & I went house hunting over Spring Break.
-Petey & I had 3 days to find a house in the Dubuque area & on the second day we achieved success!! At the beginning of the day our options looked pretty slim - either a house out of our price range or a house that would land us in the middle of a nasty divorce. After a second viewing of each our realtor found "the one". It hasn't been listed yet but a former co-worker knew it would be soon & talked the owners into letting us see it. Ten minutes after we left we'd verbally agreed to a contract & less than two hours later we got our house! Petey & I went out to Red Robin to celebrate :)
-We spent a night at Adventureland Inn with friends Jennifer, Amy & their families. Elliot was excited to see his little girlfriends. It was a blast to hang out together again & Petey was finally able to meet them.
-Hadley had her first taste of baby cereal & a few other solids. She was not impressed & we quickly realized she wouldn't let us feed her off a spoon. We put food on hold for the next few months.
-Petey's workload at school really picked up and he was constantly busy.
-I got my new double stroller & put it together all on my own - I was THAT excited! We love it and I don't know what we would do without it!
-Elliot played in a McDonald's playplace for the first time - he wasn't too sure what to make of it.

In order to save time & have a larger number of pictures available for viewing I'm linking to my March 2010 album on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2046596&id=110901854&l=2470af9111

February 2010

It seems I've been remiss in updating the blog. Really that isn't earth shattering but here I am to continue my re-cap of 2010.

Photos of February will have to wait due to an error on Blogger :/

From what I recall there weren't any HUGE happenings in February but here are a few snippets of what did go on:

-Hadley is 4 months old
-Hadley starts to hold her own bottle once in awhile (this was a short lived phase)
-Elliot insists on having "one for each hand" Meaning...if he has a sippy cup he must have two, if he has a cracker he must have two, etc.
-Elliot made and decorated V-day cookies with Mum-Mum & Papa
-We wait to find out whether Petey will have a full time job with LabStrong when school is over.
-I made my 1st batch of homemade play-dough. Elliot had a blast smearing it all over himself.
-Elliot starts his love affair with hats - putting them on, taking them off, putting them on & repeat.
-We enjoyed watching the Olympics. Elliot especially thought they were awesome!
-Hadley had her first finger painting experience.