Wednesday, February 16, 2011

21 Week Appt.

I think I have a new favorite doctor. Today I met one of the docs I'd only talked to on the phone previously & he's officially my new favorite. He's very personable and seems to know his stuff. Both babies were moving and grooving when he checked heartbeats. Baby A is sort of head down (head on my right side) with her body laying across. Baby B is pretty much in a complete transverse position with her feet in Baby A's face ;) In other news here's a rundown of some of the stats:

Weight Gain: Up about 8ish lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Blood Pressure: 134/82 - kind of high for me but it's been running higher this whole pregnancy
Fundal Height: 33cm!!!! Two weeks ago it was 24. Holy moly.
Cervix is still closed - YAY!

In two weeks I have another growth scan and another appointment with another doctor. So far this pregnancy has kind of wiped me out physically but at the very least baby girls seem to be growing and doing well!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

21 Weeks

Wow....21 weeks. Already. On one hand it feels like time is flying by and on the other hand it feels like I've been pregnant forever. We're 3 weeks shy of viability although baby girls are not allowed to join us for quite awhile after that! I think the threshold of viability is way more exciting after almost having a baby at 25 weeks in the past. I'm feeling really big and finding myself going to the bathroom more than I thought was humanly possible. I've been working on teaching the little people not to climb on or push on Mommy's tummy - it hurts!! I'm feeling a lot more movement from these little ladies. It's still not as consistent as it eventually will be but it's very exciting to feel them. I have an appointment tomorrow to check everything out and I'll probably be back to update after that!