Monday, April 18, 2011

29 Weeks

Twenty-nine weeks. It seems sort of hard to believe we're already this far along but believe me when I say I am ready for this to be over with! Of course I don't want these girls to come NOW - they need more baking time before they're ready to come out but I am ready to not be pregnant anymore!

This was probably one of my worst doctor appointments :( Fortunately it was with one of my favorite doctors so I was able to discuss some things with him. The Saturday before this appointment I sat in the lab for 3.5 hours taking my second glucose tolerance test. I did manage to get half way though a book and the ladies drawing my blood did a great job. I can be a hard stick sometimes so I was pleased that the bruising was minimal & everyone was really great. The one good piece of news from my doctor's appointment is that my cervix is still closed. The not so good news is that my blood pressure was high: 140/86 high which shocked me. It's been high for me this whole pregnancy but those numbers just sound SCARY. I mentioned it to the doctor and he didn't seem overly concerned about it but we'll definitely keep an eye on it. Then, I got the news I failed my glucose test. It wasn't a total surprise but still a major bummer to actually hear it. I failed the first draw by a few points, the 1st hour after the drink by 15ish and then passed the other two hours with flying colors. So, I was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes & a referral to the diabetes center was sent in. At least I got to see the girls again and watch them moving around. Neither of them were head down but they were in some odd looking positions all curled around each other.

I'm also at the point where my body is feeling like it's reaching it's limit. I was measured at 45 centimeters at this appointment. Which means if I was carrying a single baby that would be the equivalent of being 45 weeks pregnant. I mean I knew I was big but wasn't prepared for THAT big of a number. So, add up all the little bummers from this appointment and it really made my mood take a nosedive. My aches and pains have gotten exponentially worse in the last week. It's now at the point where I can no longer lay down in bed and when I do try to lay down I last about 5 minutes before my body is screaming in pain. So, I've been sleeping in a chair in our living room or propped up on pillows in our bed. It's not the most comfortable solution but at least I feel like I can walk when it's time to get up & I don't want to spew expletives while trying to get in and out of bed. I talked this over with the doctor and it sounds like it's something I will just have to deal with until after delivery. Yet another reason for the next several weeks to go quickly!! We're hoping for 6-7 more weeks until baby girls make their appearance. It seems so far away yet there's so much we'd like to get accomplished in that time and I'm sure it will be here before we know it!

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