Thursday, December 4, 2008

Procrastination at it's finest

I would just like to admit that I am officially the world's biggest and worst procrastinator. I seem to have this odd knack of putting off things until the last minute - I used to think it was a great talent & sometimes I still do although it is getting to be a bit annoying. However, after years of practice I have learned just how much time needs to be left to finish certain things - it drives my hubby and my parents insane I'm pretty certain.

I've been really trying as of late to be better about not putting things off. I've also been really trying to stay on top of keeping things clean around here. Apparently I've not done such a great job on either of those in the last week. Our place is a complete disaster....so much of a disaster that it's driving me nuts (& that's saying something!).

So, as one can probably figure out this whole post is due to the fact that I'm a procrastinator....ugh! But looking at my living room is giving me new-found motivation to get this class D.O.N.E.!!!!!! I am so excited to get this place clean and looking spiffy - wow that's a strange statement for me to make! But I suppose I could chalk it up to being excited to decorate for Christmas. Putting the tree up is my reward for finishing my class as are some Lorita's cookies I believe..... ;) (hint, hint MOM!) But yesterday I couldn't stand the lack of festivity around here so I decorated our banister & hung some stockings. It made me feel much better & Elliot was completely enthralled.

Ok...I promise procrastination finished. For the moment.