Thursday, December 4, 2008

Procrastination at it's finest

I would just like to admit that I am officially the world's biggest and worst procrastinator. I seem to have this odd knack of putting off things until the last minute - I used to think it was a great talent & sometimes I still do although it is getting to be a bit annoying. However, after years of practice I have learned just how much time needs to be left to finish certain things - it drives my hubby and my parents insane I'm pretty certain.

I've been really trying as of late to be better about not putting things off. I've also been really trying to stay on top of keeping things clean around here. Apparently I've not done such a great job on either of those in the last week. Our place is a complete disaster....so much of a disaster that it's driving me nuts (& that's saying something!).

So, as one can probably figure out this whole post is due to the fact that I'm a procrastinator....ugh! But looking at my living room is giving me new-found motivation to get this class D.O.N.E.!!!!!! I am so excited to get this place clean and looking spiffy - wow that's a strange statement for me to make! But I suppose I could chalk it up to being excited to decorate for Christmas. Putting the tree up is my reward for finishing my class as are some Lorita's cookies I believe..... ;) (hint, hint MOM!) But yesterday I couldn't stand the lack of festivity around here so I decorated our banister & hung some stockings. It made me feel much better & Elliot was completely enthralled.

Ok...I promise procrastination finished. For the moment.

Friday, November 28, 2008

What a day, week, month, etc....

Wow! Lots has happened since I ventured onto my blog last.

-Elliot has had his first Thanksgiving, his first roadtrip, his first cold :(, his first snow. He's getting so big and looking older and older every day

-We lost Beth on the morning of Nov. 15th. It was a mixture of grief and relief as we all miss her SO much but are so thankful she isn't suffering anymore and that she's with Jesus. We were able to spend some time with Anndee & her family that day celebrating her and planning the funeral.

-School has been dominating our lives. Petey is super busy with projects, papers, labs, etc. I'm in the process of finishing up my last class through ICCC so I can graduate from NWC on the 19th of Dec. I'm getting there slowly but surely but I WILL be done by Friday (that's reassurance for all of you doubters out there!)

-Elliot has had more appt's in Iowa City for his poor little eye. We're hoping the new meds do the trick & get rid of that darn hemangioma.

-Our place is a disaster. With all of these trips and nights away from home our whole house looks like one giant laundry basket. I'll have to tackle that when my class is done. I'm looking forward to seeing the floor again ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tuesday was election day. On one hand I am SOOO glad it's all over but on the other it's hard to believe! I'm definitely glad to be able to watch TV and not have to watch a bajillion political ads attacking the other person.

I did do my civic duty though! Elliot and I headed off to his Grandma & Grandpa's house for the day. It was also their anniversary so he got to 'celebrate' with them. Elliot seemed to enjoy his first voting experience. Kay Swanson held him while I filled out my ballot and then I was able to talk with her and a couple other ladies.

That night he got to spend some more time with Grandma and a little time with Grandpa while he came in for supper. He was disappointed that Elliot was sleeping but he woke up just so Grandpa could see him and get some kisses in too!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Elliot LAUGHED discernibly for the first time just now. He's been making happy noises for some time now but nothing that we really considered an outright laugh. I'm SO excited to hear that from him - it's so incredibly sweet! His daddy was holding him and tickling his tummy when he did it.

Elliot is also very interested in his hand (the right one) tonight. He loves to look at it and then ATTACK it and chew. He's quite the little ham I must say.


I wish I had more to blog about...now that I have this set up I just want to write in it all the time ;) I'm silly...oh well. Elliot is fussing and about ready to wake up so I guess I wouldn't have much of a chance to get anything recorded here anyway.

Maybe we'll do some 'Silly Songs with Mommy' until Petey comes home....that ought to get a smile out of the little guy :)

Getting This Party Started

I've known for a long while now that I need to have a blog. I've been less sure about what to call it or how often I would be able to update it. My mom recently started one of her own and I think that was enough to kickstart me into writing one. My hope is that it will help me to keep track of the events in our lives and to aid in future scrapbook journaling. Won't that be fantastic to have it all already written down?! It makes me excited just to think about it.

I don't promise or plan to be an overly eloquent writer. There will probably be much rambling but this is a tool for me to use to aid my memory and is not meant to have lots of entertainment contained within.

To begin our blog I'll share what our day has been like and what it holds for us. Petey is currently at school slaving over homework that was saved until today. He's had a very busy weekend full of a seminar, initiation banquet, friends visiting and hanging out with us! Elliot and I are hanging out at home waiting for him to return so we can go to Target & use our 10% off coupon.

This is how I know I'm getting older - I get excited to get dressed up to go out to Target. Or maybe that's just how I know I'm a mom?

I chuckle to myself sometimes when I realize how much the things that make me excited have changed. I used to get SO excited to go out every night and be super busy. I used to get excited to spend lots of money and buy things I totally didn't need. I used to get excited to go to the movie theater. I used to get excited to sleep in until noon.

Now I get excited when we aren't over scheduled. I get excited when I get laundry done or a room cleaned. Now I get excited to go shopping for those household necessities - like detergent or cleaning stuff. (This may be that it's new for me & when the novelty wears off it will no longer be exciting) Now I get excited to see Elliot smile at me and show his preference for mommy - who needs a movie when you have quite the little entertainer in real life? Now I get excited to wake up and see my happy little boy - he is SOOOO happy when he first wakes up in the morning.

I never dreamed how much my priorities would change and how quickly but now I can't imagine it any other way. One thing that has not changed is my love of pictures and scrapbooking. The pictures and the people in the pictures may have grown older or changed but I love it still the same!!!