Monday, May 16, 2011

Catch Up!!

32 Weeks

Not too much to report from this week. Feeling large and in charge. Appointment went well and there was nothing of concern. Discussed starting NST's with the doctor and scheduled my first one for Friday of that week. Apparently they don't routinely do them for twins anymore but since I have gestational diabetes as well as twins I earned twice a week NST's. For these I head up to Labor and Delivery twice a week and have babies heartrates monitored. They also place a contraction monitor on me to see if there's any action happening there. At my first one it took two nurses and the doctor almost two hours to get the reading they wanted. It was quite the adventure! Dr. Page and I also discussed where delivery would take place. At this point I should not have to go to Iowa City which is a relief. He did tell me if they came before 34 weeks they would most likely be born at Mercy since they are certified to take babies down to 32 weeks but if I made it another 2 weeks I should be able to deliver at Finley. Apparently both hospitals have a NICU with the same equipment and doctors and at 34 weeks hopefully there wouldn't be any super serious things to worry about.

33 Weeks

I can't even describe how excited I was to make it to this point. Elliot was born at 33 weeks and for both of my pregnancies after him I've sort of held my breath until that 25 week point when everything went downhill and then finally let out a big breath after 33 weeks. Petey and I feel like we're in familiar territory now should the girls decide to come. Of course we would like to avoid NICU time if it's possible but at least we have an idea what we might be dealing with if it were to happen and it doesn't stress us out the same way it did three years ago. Our goal is still another 2-3 weeks though!!

My appointment this week went fairly well. Fundal height was measuring 47cm - which is just WOW. My blood pressure is creeping back up into a not so good range so we'll definitely be keeping an eye on that. Cervix was still long and closed which was comforting. I've been feeling a lot more contractions - some of them fall into a pattern but don't stay regular. The ones that are coming lately are actually starting to get kind of painful and I've had to breathe in and out deeply until they're over. Still, I know they're nothing compared to actual contractions in labor. Both babies were butt down which is the WRONG way!! I've been holding out hope for a natural delivery (natural meaning no surgery - I'm a-ok with pain meds!) but if both butts are toward the exit that makes it pretty darn hard. Still, I'm holding out hope Baby A manages to turn herself. One of them has wedged a head or a butt down really low and is pushing my stomach out in a very funny way. My big ol' belly kind of resembles a big 'V' when I look at it straight on in the mirror which is so not attractive.

I'm really starting to slow down and get really worn out. I've been very lucky and blessed to have my mom come here the past couple weekends and help get some stuff ready and entertain the kids. I feel awful that I'm not able to keep up with them the way I'd like to or do fun stuff with them now that it's getting nicer out. Fortunately for them they have fun grandparents!! Petey and I packed our hospital bag the other night after a day full of off and on contractions. I've been meaning to get it packed for weeks but haven't been able to do it for one reason or another. Now, it's (mostly) done and it feels good to have that checked off the list. We've been picking up those last few little baby things we want or need to have around here with newbies & we're feeling really ready!!

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Annie Boehrns said...

I admire you so much for carrying twins this long! I have no idea how you do it---one is hard enough for me!!!
I love your blog;.) See you Thursday night!