Friday, March 25, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks! Petey and I were both excited to make it past the 25 week mark and move past the point where we had all the troubles with Elliot's pregnancy. Although I did mark the same point in my pregnancy by getting incredibly ill. Fortunately it was a quick bout of whatever it was but while I had it was absolutely miserable. I haven't felt 100% for a long time and I feel kind of sick after I eat no matter what it is & sleep has become more difficult so I'm often tired. I didn't think anything of feeling kind of icky and really tired on Sunday & just chalked it up to some extra 'morning (ahem....all day) sickness' and the fact that I hadn't slept well the night before. By Sunday night though I knew something a little more was off. I knew there had been some stomach bugs going around but I was still hopeful that this was something that maybe just didn't agree with me. Wrong. Not long after Petey put the kids to bed I started throwing up and dry heaving. Let me tell me......doing that business while pregnant is not fun. Doing it while looking and feeling full term is nothing short of torture. Needless to say my trusty friend Bucket stayed with me at all times after that! I managed to stay pretty well hydrated but every time I tried to eat a cracker I would fall asleep after only a bite or two. I thought I knew what it felt like to be utterly exhausted. Again - wrong. I felt so weak and soooo tired. A tired I can't even begin to explain. Luckily Petey was able to take Monday off and take care of the kids for me. I'm not sure how it would have played out if he hadn't since I was out until about 2 in the afternoon on Monday. I can only imagine the havoc Elliot and Hadley could have caused if I was that out of it all day while trying to take care of them! We have been trying to conserve his time off so he can use it when the girls are born but I do not feel badly about using up that one day!!!

In other baby related news things seem to be looking good. I had another weekly check-up this past Wednesday where I learned that I have lost yet another pound. Not sure how that's possible but whatever. My blood pressure has also been coming down a few points each of the last few times I've been checked. It wasn't abnormally high before but it's still nice to not see it rising. I haven't made any 'progress' meaning there's no sign babies will be attempting to make an appearance anytime soon which is good! It's still too early for our comfort! The doctor measured my fundal height at 37cm which means I'm officially measuring full term for a single baby.......at 26 weeks. Anyone else thinking about how much more uncomfortable things might get before these two are born? Poor Petey has to put up with all my whining and I'll admit that some days there is a LOT of whining in this house and it isn't ALL from the little people ;) I am apparently starting to take up more space in bed too since every morning I hear about how little space my husband had to sleep in. Sorry honey....... 


Julie said...

I'm so happy that things are moving along well and you're past that stage now where all the trouble started with little E. ;) Praying for continued healthy pregnancy for you and the little ones! xoxo You look wonderful and I hope you're feeling better really soon. Love you! -Julie

Jenny Clements said...

WOW you look great! I think you deserve to whine a little...or a lot!

I got H1N1 when I was 9 months pregnant, and I got sick from the codine they gave me so I could rest. I was throwing up all night, so I totally get how that feels! Ick. Paul felt so bad because they told him to give me more codine each time I woke up, so that I would just keep sleeping and Ava and I could get lots of rest to heal. I told him after the second time he gave it to me that I didn't want anymore because it was making feel sick. He gave it to me anyways, and after the third time, I did get sick!

Hope you shake this soon and get a little rest before your house REALLY gets chaotic with the addition of your two little girls!