Thursday, March 31, 2011

27 Weeks!

Our little sweet P's are growing, growing, growing! We had another growth scan (these happen every 3-4 weeks) yesterday. It's always so much fun to see the girls and get an estimate on their size. Both of them were bopping all around while we were trying to get their measurements. Needless to say it was really hard to get any good pictures of them! Their heartbeats registered at 154 & 150 which is perfect. Baby A is measuring right on at 27 weeks 1 day with an estimated weight of 2lb. 6oz. Baby B is measuring about a week behind with an estimated weight of 2lb. 2oz. Baby B's head was measuring smaller which we think threw off the measurements. Still, it's only a 12% growth discrepancy and as long as it is under 20-25% we aren't worried.

Baby A had previously been in a head down position. Both babies are now breech with their butts toward the exit. We were able to see Little Miss A doing some practice swallowing and then stretching her legs alllllll the way out. While it was really sweet to see I couldn't help but think that her poor sister was getting really cramped! We were also able to see a couple contractions which just look strange on the ultrasound!

In other news from my appointment yesterday I haven't gained any weight, my blood pressure was 134/78, my cervix is measuring over 6.5 cm long and is closed (yay!). My fundal height is 38cm which means I'm measuring full term and I can definitely feel it. I get worn out a lot faster and I just plain hurt everywhere. At the end of some days it hurts just to lift my leg to get into bed and forget trying to roll over and move once I'm in bed - lol. I also talked to the doctor about a couple episodes of seeing spots I've had in the past week. The worry is pre-eclampsia but since I don't have any other symptoms and they went away he's not worried. If they happen again and I'm not able to get rid of them then we would worry. He did tell me not to get any ideas about an early eviction for these ladies. Basically he told me to just keep doing what I'm doing and chugging along but that he would never wish twins on anyone - haha.


Sandra (FC Nathan) said...

Do you know if they are identical or fraternal?

proverbs423 said...

Identical :)

Julie said...

:) xoxo