Wednesday, March 16, 2011

25 Weeks

Wowza - 25 weeks. This week brings a lot of anxiety with it as it's the same point in my pregnancy that I began having all sorts of issues with Elliot, landed in the hospital for 8 weeks and gave birth 7 weeks earlier than planned. I'm hopeful we'll avoid all that this time!!

This morning was the first of my weekly appointments. It's crazy that from here on out I'll be in that office once a week! Luckily I've been pretty happy with all but one of the doctors. Some of the stats from today:

Weight: Down 1 pound
Blood Pressure: 134/70; seems high to me but it's been consistent this whole pregnancy so I guess it's the new "normal" for now.
Cervix: Closed - YAY!!!
Fundal Height: Not sure. I forgot to ask :/

I'm definitely feeling pregnant. Oh boy am I feeling pregnant. I have pain in places that shouldn't be painful and I'm so ready for that part to be over! Sleep is hard to come by due to not being able to get comfortable and having to pee all.the.time. My belly button is getting closer and closer to popping which only started to happen just before Hadley was born at 38 weeks, 5 days which leads me to believe I'm probably measuring close to 37 or 38 weeks. I definitely feel that way and sometimes find it hard to believe I'm ONLY 25 weeks. As much as I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over I'm not ready to meet these beauties yet. They need more cooking time, more time to grow, more time to mature. I'm aiming for another 9-10 weeks. That would get me to 34-35 weeks. It's hard to imagine how much larger and more uncomfortable I'll be by then......

In other news I think all four of us are fighting some sort of head cold ickiness. Petey and I both have sore throats and I can feel my sinuses getting congested. I'm hopeful we'll all kick this quickly as I really don't need anything else to kill my energy level!!!

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