Tuesday, June 29, 2010

January 2010

Daddy with Elliot and Hadley - he's their favorite :)
Kisses for Sister
My Precious is 3 months old!
This was and is a pretty common scene - isn't his mad face adorable?
Elliot playing Wii Tennis with Daddy
2010?!?!? Holy cow!

A few highlights:
-Celebrated New Years Eve in California with the family. Petey & I spent msot of the day in San Francisco checking out Alcatraz Island. We left on New Years day so it was a very tame celebration - I think most of us were actually asleep at midnight ;)
-Petey starts his final semester at ISU in the concurrent degree program - meaning he was both an undergrad and a grad student
-Petey begins working as a TA (teaching assistant). He also continues his part time work with LabStrong
-Elliot tried a sucker for the first time ;)
-We spent a weekend in Orange City and were able to celebrate Amber & Richard's wedding. (Amber is Petey's cousin)
-Several baby items were retrieved from our storage unit (jumperoo, bumbo, etc.) for Hadley. Elliot decided he still needed them. He can almost always put a smile on your face :)
-Elliot spends some time with Mum-Mum & Papa & Mommy & Daddy get a much needed break. Hadley isn't too demanding at 3 months of age. (3 months?!?!?)
-Elliot shows his skills on Wii Tennis :)

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