Tuesday, August 10, 2010

February 2010

It seems I've been remiss in updating the blog. Really that isn't earth shattering but here I am to continue my re-cap of 2010.

Photos of February will have to wait due to an error on Blogger :/

From what I recall there weren't any HUGE happenings in February but here are a few snippets of what did go on:

-Hadley is 4 months old
-Hadley starts to hold her own bottle once in awhile (this was a short lived phase)
-Elliot insists on having "one for each hand" Meaning...if he has a sippy cup he must have two, if he has a cracker he must have two, etc.
-Elliot made and decorated V-day cookies with Mum-Mum & Papa
-We wait to find out whether Petey will have a full time job with LabStrong when school is over.
-I made my 1st batch of homemade play-dough. Elliot had a blast smearing it all over himself.
-Elliot starts his love affair with hats - putting them on, taking them off, putting them on & repeat.
-We enjoyed watching the Olympics. Elliot especially thought they were awesome!
-Hadley had her first finger painting experience.

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