Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night Petey and I took Elliot to ANTHEM at Cornerstone church. We weren't sure if he would be ok with it since we knew it would be loud but he LOVED it! It was also pretty close to his bedtime but he took super long naps yesterday so he was ready to go! There was a lady behind us with three kids so when he got bored with the music he would watch them and was so excited. Elliot was dancing around and kicking to the beat and he had this huge smile on his face :) He loved the drums the most and we think we might have a future rock-star on our hands. He was also super persnickety about which one of us held him. Apparently I didn't hold him up high enough to be able to see anything so Daddy had to keep him up on his shoulder ;) Our friend Mish was there but we missed my cousin Jess. Our friend Jesse was in the band so it was great to see him playing/singing again - he has an AMAZING voice!

This weekend we're headed to my parents place for a big garage sale this weekend. My mom, LeAnn & LaVonne are having one at my grandparent's house but I'm hoping we'll be able to sneak away and do some shopping of our own and maybe we'll find some awesome bargains!

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