Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I LOVE my perinatologist :)

Yesterday I had my first perinatologist appointment. My mom went with me so that I would have someone to corral and entertain Elliot.

First of all we had an interesting time finding the correct place to go. We got to the parking ramp just fine and fortunately a nice old man with a limo of a golfcart offered us a ride to the elevator. He directed us to right place. Of course we then went to the wrong floor before finally finding the doctor's office - it was an adventure!

Elliot was doing some serious flirting in the office. EVERY woman there came to say hello to him and he was soaking up every ounce of their attention. He was super well behaved so I can't complain and I love his smile as much as anyone else.

I had an ultrasound before meeting with my doctor. We did get a guess at the gender but I won't be divulging that information for a few more weeks when it is either confirmed or we switch teams. Baby was SUPER active though doing somersaults, waving, kicking, etc. It was a lot of fun to watch him/her being so squirmy. Baby was moving so much the tech had a hard time getting the heartrate and had to have me come back into the room so she could get it ;)

I LOVED Dr. Drake. She is awesome! We had a good discussion about my risks with this pregnancy. She is going to continue to see me along with my regular OB office. She said she is going to consider me high risk for three reasons: 1) my previous pregnancy complications & the fact they are unexplained, 2) having two pregnancies so close together and 3) my high probability of having gestational diabetes again.

I am on a diabetic diet to try and fool my body into thinking it won't happen again. I can only hope that it will work! I'm also supposed to keep my body from getting stressed out and I'm not allowed to push anything or pick up anything more than Elliot.

It's a little scary to realize how dangerous being pregnant really is. Growing up and thinking about having a family no little girl thinks she'll have problems or worries about her baby coming early and being stuck in the hospital.

Dr. Drake guaranteed me I will not be going overdue which is totally fine with me! She also told me that our goal is to get us a "take home baby". I almost starting crying - that is what I want almost more than anything else. I want to know what it's like to be discharged with a healthy baby that I can take home with me when I go home.

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