Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Facebook Official

Tonight I made the fact that I'm pregnant 'Facebook Official' ;)

For some reason this seemed like a big deal to me - probably because it is a way to mass communicate and I knew that once it was out there there was no hiding it anymore. Not that I could hide this much longer anyway....I'm already HUGE or at least I feel that way. I'm 9 weeks today but I've already been wearing maternity pants for a couple weeks. My old pants did indeed fit but they were no where near as comfortable as my maternity pants! Why wear uncomfortable ones when the comfy ones are staring me in the face?!

Last Tuesday (3/17) we had our first prenatal appt. with a nurse. I had an ultrasound which was AWESOME! We saw a healthy little baby measuring EXACTLY where it should with a heartbeat of 170 beautiful b.p.m. :) Elliot was all about the machine though. He LOVED the keyboard that lit up and it beeped which made it seem like an even greater toy. When his daddy dashed those dreams he moved onto a nearby computer monitor. That dream was quickly dashed too - I'm pretty sure he thinks he has the meanest parents EVER! ;) Elliot really loved the nurse though so she kept him busy. It took us F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get out of the office because he was too busy flirting and all the ladies were giving it right back to him.

Our due date is October 28. I am VERY nervous about this pregnancy and having complications again. I know they aren't guaranteed and that there is a good chance I will get through this home-free but I still worry! I've felt much, much sicker with this little one than I ever did with Elliot. Usually I'll feel hungry, crave something, eat something, feel incredibly sick afterward and then not be able to talk about the something for a couple days! I NEEDED bacon-cheeseburger pizza everyday the first couple weeks after I found out but now I can hardly mention it without feeling queasy. I feel like I've had about evey symptom I never felt with Elliot: metal mouth, nausea, SUPER frequent bathroom trips, the NEED to eat NOW, exhaustion like I never imagned possible...... But at least I can't forget I'm pregnant right?!

I'm a bit miffed that no one told me I could take Flinstone's vitamins last time. If I had known that I would not have spent 7 months chewing and choking down those NASTY prenatal vitamins. As soon as I found out we promptly bought a nice supply of YUMMY Flinstone vitamins. Now I don't cringe or need a pep talk to take my vitamins. I also don't have to make sure I have a strong chaser to cover the taste of the nasty ones ;)

Life is good now. Good-night and sorry for the rambly post.

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The Culbertsons said...

Yay for making it public! So exciting! I'm glad to hear "mostly everything" is going well. It's too bad you're not feeling the greatest, but i'm a strong believer in prenatal vitamins. If i took mine first thing in the morning with my fiber-filled breakfast for champions, i was good to go all day! Bacon cheeseburger pizza sounds really good right now...