Wednesday, March 2, 2011

23 Weeks

I have officially crossed the 23 week pregnancy threshold!! To say I'm excited would be an understatement. It's one step closer to viability and one step closer to meeting these two new beauties! We are pretty settled on their names but won't be sharing until after they're born. Naming two at one time proved to be a lot harder than we thought it would be!

At 23 weeks I am measuring about 34cm, have gained about 20 pounds and my blood pressure was 132/74. My blood pressure has been running a little high this whole pregnancy but has remained consistent so so far there is nothing to worry about there! I met another one of the doctors from the practice today and was impressed. So far there has only been one doctor I am less than excited about which isn't too bad. She informed Petey & I that she had 4 kids in 4 years so she sort of understood our situation. I have to admit it is nice to know one of the doctors can appreciate the additional challenges that will come with having so many little, little kids buzzing around the house! She told me everything was looking great and progressing well but that I need to start easing up on my activity level at home which shouldn't be a problem as my body definitely lets me know when I've done too much or pushed it too far!

We had an ultrasound this morning which is always exciting! I think I could have one everyday and be just as excited for each and every one. Have I mentioned before that I love our ultrasound extraordinaire? Well, if not let me say again how awesome she is! She also has little kids about the same age as ours so we usually spend some time laughing about the crazy things our kids are doing & she always takes the time to get a good look and some fun glimpses of our girls before starting all the measuring. She also understands and appreciates how important a picture can be & she takes a lot of them for us! This morning both girls were moving and grooving quite a bit - almost too much as it made getting some of the measurements hard to do! It's so funny to watch them already interacting together! When we started they were both head down & looking right at each other. We didn't have luck getting pictures of the two of them together & it likely will be harder and harder to do from now on. Baby A's heartrate was 148 & she was estimated to weigh 1lb. 3oz. and Baby B's heartrate was 141 and she is weighing in around 1lb. 2oz. Both of them are measuring a few days behind my LMP but within days of each other so that is reassuring!

In other 23 week news Petey and I have been able to watch them moving from the outside which is amazing. Petey has been able to feel them moving a lot more which I think is exciting for him and I'm guessing makes it all more real. Like I said we're pretty decided on their names and the spelling of said names. We're getting ready to make our big purchases & after that's done there won't be too much left that we *NEED* for these girlies. My goal is to have this house ready and as organized as I can be by 28 weeks. Not that I'm intending for them to come at that point but for my own sanity I'd like it to be done early so it's one less thing to worry about later on down the line.

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