Friday, February 11, 2011

Tommy Train

Most people probably know this character better by the name of Thomas but to Elliot he is Tommy Train. For someone who has never watched the Thomas the Train show he sure is obsessed. His Tommy Train puzzle is one of his most favorite things to do. He asks (ahem....begs) daily for me to help him put it together. I usually oblige a few times only to have him tear it apart and ask for it to be put back together again. He is getting pretty good at figuring out which pieces go where & his favorites to put together are Thomas' number and his face. He's a regular ol' pro with those pieces! Sometimes it amazes me how the simplest things can bring him such joy and it never ceases to put a smile on my face! Elliot is so proud of himself after we have it put together!

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Alaina Beth said...

I have babysat enough little boys to know that for some unexplainable reason Thomas the Tank Engine is just huge. In fact, little girls seem to love trains too. They are sort of a crossover toy, which I like. I love that he loves Thomas. And the show is fun, too. Thanks for posting updates. It is fun to keep up with people while we are SO far away.