Tuesday, February 8, 2011

20 Weeks

It's official folks - I've hit that almighty 'halfway point' although I can say with 100% sincerity that I hope I'm further than halfway! From what I understand most twin pregnancies don't go past 38 weeks and are considered full term by that time. My personal goal is 36 weeks which would be May 31. We'll see what these little princesses have in store for us though. And, yes, with 99.9% certainty we can say princesses :) Elliot is going to be one busy big brother!

This morning was our 'big' anatomy/anomaly scan at my OB's office. Jessica, our ultrasound extraordinaire, was fantastic as always. I'm so glad we have someone we get along with so well and that is very personable. Both babies are head down so she was able to get some really fun pictures of the two of them together. She informed us that most times one is head up and the other head down so it makes getting pictures of them together pretty difficult. One of the cutest things from this morning was seeing all four little feet kicking at each other. They are definitely active little girls - they'll fit in well around here! For a few moments they were even looking facing each other. So precious.

Both girls were measuring pretty consistently for them. Baby A was measuring 19 weeks 3 days with a weight of about 10 ounces and Baby B was measuring right at 19 weeks with a weight of about 11 ounces which means they have a 2% growth discrepancy which we are completely fine with at this point. Baby A checked out perfectly and all major organs were accounted for and appeared to be doing their job. Baby B almost got as good a report but we want to take a closer look at her heart next time just to make sure everything looks ok. Since she's small & wasn't in a super great position today we weren't able to get all the measurements we needed & it looked like there might be something there that shouldn't be. But, it's nothing to worry about at this point! I love having a chance to get a peek at our little babies and it's so much fun to see them moving and grooving all over the place. I can't wait to see what they look like when they're born & who they'll resemble more. I'm also anxious to know how alike they'll look since they are identical. All in due time....all in due time.

I've attached just a few of our pictures below. We got quite the chunk of pictures to take home with us as well as a CD of the images - 26 total. Jessica took nearly 130 for the doctor to peruse!

Two little baby heads :)
Our identical little princesses!
All smushed up inside Mommy.
Baby B's face shot
Baby A's face shot

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