Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22 Weeks

I'm definitely feeling more than a wee bit pregnant these days! While taking pictures Petey remarked at how much bigger I looked tonight. Remind me to thank him for that comment later ;)

Yesterday, while trying on bridesmaids dresses for Anndee's wedding the consultant thought I was eight months along. Imagine the surprise on the alteration woman's face when I told her I was only 22 weeks. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how large I end up!

I'm feeling a lot more movement these days. Most of it seems to be concentrated really low although every once in awhile I feel movements up higher. A few different times I've felt the stretching pushing movements which are more painful than the quick jabs and quicks! It's fun and reassuring to feel the girls moving around and I can't wait until we see them again. It feels like it's been ages when in reality it's only been a couple weeks since our anatomy scan and a week since my last doctor's appointment. Our next appointment and ultrasound is next week. I'm interested to find out what I'm measuring and how the girls are growing!

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Julie said...

you look wonderful, Erin! xoxo -Julie