Tuesday, February 1, 2011

19 weeks

Today marks 19 weeks. The littlest of our little people weren't being very active today but they've moved and grooved a little bit for me tonight. Hadley was such a wild child when I was pregnant with her - well to be honest she still is kind of wild ;) I felt her consistently from about 16 weeks on all.the.time. By this point Petey was able to feel her and it wasn't long after this that you could see her from the outside as well. I guess I expected this time to be similar especially since there are two of them in there. My thought is that they are more like their brother and are mellowing out in there for now. I felt him for the first time around 18 weeks but not consistently until after 20 weeks.

Anyway, I should be at the half-way point if not further. To my knowledge the longest they will most likely let me go is 38 weeks. My personal goal is 36 weeks. I have a gut feeling they'll be coming early. I just hope it's not too early!! I've been getting increasingly uncomfortable. Stretching pains, not being able to move, varicose veins in bad places, not sleeping well, etc. I also feel HUGE but I hope that's just a good sign that babies are growing like weeds in there!

In other news we're in the middle of a huge snowstorm - Blizzard 2011. The last I heard we were forecasted to get 15.5 inches of snow on top of the few we got last night. It's also blowing like crazy with at least 30 m.p.h. sustained winds. Needless to say Petey is staying home tomorrow. The county plows were pulled off the roads at 5 pm tonight and won't go back out until tomorrow morning sometime. We are to expect very large snowdrifts several feet tall and travel is not advised anywhere. Thank God these babies are due in June and not in the middle of the winter!

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