Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Talking Toddler

Some of my mommy friends and myself were discussing how many words our little people are saying these days. The little person I'm specifically talking about is Hadley. While it took Elliot awhile to really starting talking a lot there's nothing stopping him now! I would be counting a LONG time before I got to the end of his vocabulary & by that time he no doubt would have added several more words. I love hearing him talk and communicate a lot more now. It's especially nice that I can now understand a great deal of what he's saying to me - definitely cuts down on the frustrated tantrums.

So, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of words Hadley knows. I'll try to get all of them although I make no guarantees!
  1. DaDa - Daddy
  2. Mom - she usually only uses this when upset
  3. Papa - one of her clearest words. She takes great joy in this one.
  4. Mum-Mum - this is a fairly new one but she's mighty proud of it.
  5. Uh-Oh - We hear this a lot.
  6. Vroom - Cars & trucks are her favorite :)
  7. Meow - she can also point out kitties in books
  8. Ma - this means 'more'. She also does the sign for this
  9. Done - she also does the sign for all done
  10. Dan - she LOVES her Uncle Dan & can't keep a straight face while saying his name. It's beyond adorable.
  11. Nana - Bananas are her current favorite fruit.
  12. Please - she only knows the sign for this - can't say it yet.
  13. Thank you - again she only does the sign for this but she does know what she's saying so I count it!
  14. Bu - Book. Another favorite of Hadley's
  15. Ba - Bus. Elliot has an obsession with school buses so Hadley & I hear about the 'cool bus' ALL day long.
  16. Boom - pretty self explanatory
I'm sure there are some I'm missing but I'll have to come back and update later if I think of them. Her comprehension of what we say is what amazes me most. She's almost got the sign for drink down. When asked what a dog says Hadley pants - like her brother. It's pretty funny. She'll also blow kisses when asked to say 'I love you!' She loves to wave 'hi' and 'bye'. Watching her dance is also a fun past time.

Thank you for allowing me to brag on my baby girl :) She is such a happy little thing & never ceases to bring a smile to my face!

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