Sunday, January 16, 2011


For about a week now I've been able to feel Baby A & Baby B (no better nicknames for them yet although some are in the works) moving and grooving around in there. It's amazing and one of my most favorite parts about being pregnant. I know eventually those kicks will become harder and more painful and I might not be so excited about them then but for now it provides a bit of reassurance that things are going well in there. The movements aren't overly consistent yet which is not surprising at this point and I have no idea which baby is making which movements but it's still awesome nonetheless.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I'm hoping for a good report from the doctor. This will be the first time meeting with one of the OB's from this office. Hopefully she'll be able to answer all of my questions and ease my mind that seems to run a million miles a minute!

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