Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Purchase

The other night we made our first purchase in preparation for doubling our number of kids. We currently have a stroller that we really do love but it's only a double which would leave Elliot and Hadley without a seat and free to get away from Mommy. In all honesty I don't know how often I'll get out on my own with all 4 kids but with our new ride at least three of the kids will be able to have a seat! We've been looking on E-bay for a little while to try and score a good deal and we finally found one! We got a Valco Twin Tri-Mode EX (in Brilliant Black instead of the color Petey really wanted) for almost $300 LESS than retail value and it's NEW and we got free shipping. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time. Here is a picture:

And I know many of you are probably thinking...'but this is still just a double stroller....while you are correct it is just a double stroller here but it can have different attachments added to it. Here is what it will look like with the third seat (wrong color stroller but you get the idea):
If we wanted to we could also add a platform in the back for another little person to stand and ride on that way. Petey has informed me that this will be our LAST stroller purchase but he's pretty excited about it as well. If the shipping info from the seller is correct it should be on my doorstep this Friday - just in time for me to roll it out over the weekend :)

We're hoping to not have to buy too many more baby things in anticipation of our new arrivals. We know we'll need another infant carseat and probably at least one more (maybe two) convertible seats so Petey can have seats in his car. Elliot will be starting pre-school in the fall (perhaps sooner) & he'll ride into town with his Daddy when it comes time for that. There are a few smaller items that would be nice to have another one of but we've accumulated quite a bit over the last couple years - if you ever have doubts feel free to come check out our storage room.....haha. And, if you feel so inclined you could organize it for me too. Oh, a girl can dream right?!?

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