Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Weeks

Last night I made it Facebook Official that we're expecting again. It's our third pregnancy in three years which I think might qualify us as crazy! Lots of people have been asking me if this was planned or a surprise and I'm not really sure how to answer this question. First, I wonder if they're trying to glean some juicy bit of info to either confirm we are completely crazy or if we're just stupid about birth control. Second, I wonder if it's really any of their business and my answer to that is: 'No!' So, to any of you who might be wondering there's your answer ;)

Also, as many of you who are probably reading this know by now we are expecting twins this time. This came as quite a shock to us & we definitely had never planned to have a double blessing but we'll definitely take it! I will admit that I had a hunch something 'funny' was going on even before I had officially confirmed my pregnancy. I have been incredibly sick - not necessarily throwing up - and have wanted nothing but to sleep all.day.long. I've also felt really, really awful after everything I eat. With my other pregnancies there was usually something I could count on eating that wouldn't make me feel icky but this time I've yet to find that something. I also started sporting a baby bump really, REALLY fast. I knew it would happen early this time since it is my 3rd in as many years but even I was surprised at how soon I pulled out those maternity pants (6 weeks to be exact).

Petey & I and some of our family joked with us that it would be twins this time. None of us were very serious but it made for a funny moment when the ultrasound showed two little beating hearts. Speaking of ultrasounds...the one that completely changed everything for us this time happened on December 3. I had volunteered to be a model for a clinic here in town where they are training sonographers. I was 10 weeks and 3 days & figured it was a perfect opportunity for me to get an early peek at my little bean. As soon as they started and found the gestational sac I knew something was different. Soon enough I saw two different blobs (there's really not a better way to describe them at that age) moving and wiggling independent of each other. Baby A was measuring 9 weeks 6 days with a heartbeat of 187 and Baby B was measuring 9 weeks 4 days with a heartbeat of 180 which are pretty decent measurements for how far along I was. When the ultrasound was done they three people in the room prayed with me (while I was shaking). Petey had hoped to be in the room for the ultrasound but the kids were fidgeting so he took them out to the van to watch Mickey Mouse. Imagine his shock and surprise when I showed him the picture...... ;) I will be able to see the babies again next Monday at my actual doctor's office & that day can't come soon enough!

I'm hopeful as the 1st trimester comes to a close that I'll start to feel better and have a little more energy. I'm looking forward to feeling consistent movement from these two and to finding out whether they're boys, girls or a combination. Either way we know we have been blessed and while we may not understand why God has chosen us for this journey we know He has a plan which has been comforting in those moments when I feel completely overwhelmed at what's to come!


zoe said...

oh my goodness! this is so exciting!!! congrats!!! :D

Pameleen said...

Congrats if you're crazy, congrats if you're bad at birth control ;)

Jane D. said...

I am so excited for you guys! And praying you through! You have a fabulous perspective. Keep it up and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! And remember to depend on all of us your friends and family too!

Dianna H said...

As always enjoyed the way you answered the nosy questions!!! Hilarious. So exciting! Put it this way - you will not have to worry about "down time" for a long, long time!!!! God will lead you through it. Congratulations!!!!

Rebekah said...

Yay, congratulations! So happy for you and your growing family. By the way, the answer is "yes" we all know you are crazy, but we absolutely love that about you. I wish I could be up there with you guys to meet your kids and see you and Petey as parents (I know you are going on 3 years, but it's still hard for me to think of you as "parents"), maybe someday. Love you guys. Take care of yourself.

Alaina Beth said...

Oh Erin, people can be so ridiculous. You are absolutely correct - no matter what happens between you and Petey is between you and him. Clearly, God wants you to have lots of little blessings!

It is so weird for Kennan and I to look at all these people who got married after us who have children. I love how God chooses to speak and use each of us at different times in our lives for different things. You must be pretty good at your job! ;)

Here's wishing you energy and sustenance!

Just a Boring Mother said...

Congrats on your two blessings! Keep posting updates on how they are growing.
Praying for energy and rest for you while you continue to raise your other two little ones!

Jenny Clements said...

Erin! I'm not on facebook often anymore, so I just read this now! CONGRATULATIONS! What a double blessing!