Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am halfway to the point of where I entered the hospital last time. Crazy to think that this could be the halfway point for some women. Just when you are starting to feel and look more pregnant. It's crazy and awesome and wonderful how far modern medicine has come that a baby can survive and thrive even when born at such an early point in pregnancy. Of course this time I am planning to make it past 26 weeks. In fact I'm planning to make it past 28, 30, 34, 36 weeks of pregnancy.

BUT, I also know that the even the best laid plans can be squashed almost instantly. Kids, and babies in particular, can change things SO fast. The quote from Charles Osgood that reads "Babies are more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful." is soooooo true. Despite all the trouble with being pregnant with Elliot and those long, stressful days since he's been born he's worth ALL of it. I love to hold him & cuddle him while he sleeps. I know I should lay him down but he's so peaceful & he loves cuddling with mommy so much that I don't have the heart to put him down all alone. Call me a pushover if you must but he's too darn precious! ;)

I had my first prenatal appointment with Dr. Shaw on April 14. Cracker's heartrate was 164 b.p.m. Dr. Shaw tried to scare me into thinking we'd have problems with my blood pressure since I'm heavier than the average gal. I almost laughed at her though. My b.p. was 122/80 - kind of high for me actually but I was nervous & what not since it was my first time there & I had the dreaded pap smear forthcoming. We had a very frank discussion about my risks this time around. She makes it sound as if I am at a MUCH higher risk of having these complications happen again whereas most other doctors have told me that my risk is higher but the odds of it happening twice are still low. I guess we just wait to see......

At my next appointment I will do my first glucose tolerance test (yuck) and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I pass. I don't want to deal with that diet for a super long time although being out of the hospital I will have much more options for meals AND I'll be able to exercise! I was referred to a perinatologist for a consultation. That appointment is April 28. I'm kind of looking forward to it so I can hear what he/she has to say and what the plan is. I have no idea if I'll continue to go there throughout this pregnancy or it this is just a consultation. I guess we'll have to see.

Elliot is keeping us busier than ever! He's rolling all over the room to get what he wants and getting into everything he shouldn't. He LOVES electrical cords which is scary so we have to keep our eyes on him all the time! He also loves cell phones & the remote. Elliot is almost crawling - SO CLOSE! He's also pulling himself up on whatever he can get his paws on. This morning he kept standing up in his crib & giving me a very pleased, proud look ;) He broke two new teeth through this past weekend but he's still working on more.....oy!

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The Culbertsons said...

You'll make it waaaay longer this time! Sometimes those crazy doctors don't realize that the things they mention in passing at our appointments are taken much more seriously by us hormonal mothers. :) Dr. Shaw knows her stuff though...she's a very caring doctor, as i found out with my kidney scare a couple weeks ago. Glad to hear you're doing well!