Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weekend of Fun

 This past weekend we were able to enjoy some family time with Mike's side of the family. Not very often are him, his parents and all of his siblings able to get together. Distance and busy schedules tend to get in the way of that happening too often. So, when we get a chance for everyone to come together we grab it!!

We headed up on Thursday afternoon with hopes of being there in time for supper. We rolled in with enough time to wash hands, use the bathroom and sit down at the table. Elliot's first order of business as soon as supper was finished was diving into Grandma's Lego bin. He and his brother also got their Uncle Dan to build Legos with them. The girls were excited to dive into the tubs of toys Grandma had waiting for them. The toys are Grandma's house are just the best apparently!!!

There was plenty of time for several card games. Mostly we stuck with Hand and Foot although there were several people that gave it their best go at teaching me Rook. We'll have to see if I remember much when we get together again ;) And, as always there was never a shortage of food. Kailyn was even able to help Grandma get some pudding ready for a dessert one day. She was so thrilled!!!

Last year during one of our visits the kids painted pictures at the church and they were later 'auctioned' off - Grandma won of course ;) This year she decided she needed some new paintings to hang on the wall so out came the paint!! The kids had a blast completing new masterpieces to hang up at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!




We were also able to get a little healthy family competition in with a few bowling games. The kids had a blast! Olivia mostly helped Grandma before watching a movie on the iPad. The girls lasted about a game and a half. The boys played two whole games and then finished up for their sisters. It was good practice for the Kindergartners who are going on a class bowling trip later this month. 










We ended the weekend with a little impromptu celebration of Olivia's birthday. This little girl is so loved and so precious.



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