Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Pictures 2011

 This year I have four little pirates plundering my house ;) At least they're four of the cutest pirates you'll ever see. I picked up Elliot & Hadley's costumes last year on super clearance after Halloween and fortunately they LOVE them. They've even worn them around the house to play on a few different occasions. I found the girls skirts on one of my favorite websites: haloheaven.com

We don't usually use the portrait place in town since I have a photographer that I really love and that does well with my kids. But, this was a last minute sort of thing so it worked. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the kids did and at how quickly it went. I think we were in and out of there with 4 kids faster than we were when it was just Elliot and Hadley!

I didn't edit any of these images so you'll have to deal with them in their raw form but I still think they're pretty cute.

Adelyn (left) is my little ham & Kailyn (right) is my smiley little baby! In the picture of the two of them together Adelyn is the one with her big toenails painted.