Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I want to remember....

It seems the time is flying by sooooo fast. Elliot is already THREE which still blows my mind especially since it seems like yesterday HE was the baby. There are so many things I want to make sure I remember and stow away in my mind but I'm afraid that's getting harder and harder. So, here is my random list of things I want to remember from this snippet of time in our lives. I'm hoping these 'I want to remember posts' will happen fairly frequently so I know some of those precious little details of our lives are captured somewhere!

So, I want to remember:

-the silly way Hadley moves her lips when she's not happy with something I tell her.

-how sweet and gentle Elliot is with Adelyn & Kailyn. He can be ALL boy one second and completely loving and gentle the next as he rubs their heads and gives sweet kisses.

-the newborn noises Adelyn & Kailyn make. All those grunts and moans they make can drive you nuts when they keep you up at night but they're oh so sweet and disappear too soon.

-I wish I could capture that feeling of a tiny little baby curled up on your chest. For this reason alone I want Adelyn and Kailyn to stay little itty bitties forever!!! Mommy enjoys cuddling at least one of them every night.

-Hadley counting '1,2,3,4' at 20 months old. She busted that one out of the blue one day. She amazes me with how much she understands.

-Elliot LOVES his Cars shoes. If he had a choice he would wear nothing else on his feet. We, however, make him wear sandals at least some of the time - it is summer in Iowa!

-Mickey Mouse is the ultimate bribe.

-Elliot loves to build tents. I need to remember to do this with him more often.

-Elliot loves to 'hide' under blankets.

-how much Hadley loves to read and look at books. Her favorite by far is Farmer Jones - in her world nothing compares.

-Elliot's prayers he insists on saying every night. It melts my heart to hear him pray and especially to hear him thank Jesus for all the people (and his home) that are special to him.

-the 'special book' is one of Elliot's favorite things. (It's a photo album with various pictures in it)

-Elliot and Hadley LOVE to 'chase' around the kitchen. Add in the little school bus (E) and shopping cart (H) and it's sooooo much better.

-Elliot LOVES eating nutella toast. He would have that every morning for breakfast if I let him.

-if it's not nutella toast he loves 'Mommy tarts' (poptarts) or certain cereals.

-Elliot developed a love of soccer somewhere. He would play with his soccer ball all.day.long. if I let him. I hope he keeps this love and enjoys playing.

-Elliot and Hadley love 'Ring Around the Rosie' - especially the fall down part.

-E & H also love dancing. It's always better on the tile floor in front of the front door. It's even better when they use Mommy's old Muppet piano to play the music. Elliot always starts out by counting '5,8,9, GO!'

-Hadley LOVES to cook for people and have them 'sample' her creations. Stirring imaginary food in her pots or cups is one of her favorite things to do.

-Hadley calling her sippy cup her 'duppie'.

-Hadley blowing kisses every night, saying 'I love you' and 'Night-night'. She's such a sweetheart.

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