Wednesday, May 25, 2011

35 Weeks

Another week down. No idea how many more times I'll be posting weekly updates. To be honest I would be ok with this being the last one before introducing our newest little girls. While talking to Petey last night I commented on how many people have told me 'oh just a few more weeks!' and how I can only shake my head and chuckle - or mutter expletives under my breath depending on the day. I sometimes wonder if people have any idea what they're saying to me. They might as well be saying 'oh you're just going to be pregnant and incredibly huge and uncomfortable for the rest of eternity.' Ok, not really. I do know there's an end in sight and I do know that it's coming sooner rather later. And, I do know I've complained a lot on this blog about how uncomfortable I am but I can't help it. It's true. This is a place for me to recount this pregnancy (most likely my last) and I want to remember it for all the good and the bad and lately I've not felt very good. I am proud to have made it this far and it's a bit crazy to think my original due date is only a few weeks away!!!

Yesterday was another NST and appointment day. I had the NST first which is always a fun time. I have really enjoyed the nurses I've worked with in Labor and Delivery. Getting up there is a pain in the rear sometimes though. I have to check in at the registration desk every time and be checked in as an outpatient before being escorted upstairs. There are really nice elderly volunteers that help get people to registration & I know they mean well but sometimes I just don't have the patience to explain to them every.single.time. that my name is not on their sheet, they need to write it down, call the registration lady, and then send me on my way. And it never fails that I have to explain what an NST is because they claim they've never heard of it even though I explained it to them the last time I was there (two days ago).

Anyway, the first 20 minutes or so we had a fantastic reading. The problem: we could only find one baby so we couldn't count it since we didn't know for sure who it was. For the next hour plus it took me and two or three other nurses to get what we needed on the monitor. It was definitely an interesting adventure and these girls must be in some crazy positions!

After the NST debacle I was a little late for my appointment which turned out to be all right since they weren't super busy. Dr. Andersen and I talked about the swelling in my feet (unfortunately a normal side effect of pregnancy & warmer weather) and I told him I had been feeling crampy and having contractions off and on but since nothing has been consistent there wasn't much to talk about there. My blood pressure was a little high but still pretty normal for this pregnancy (140/86). I put on a few more pounds which I imagine is mostly water weight from the swelling and I'm measuring 46 according to Dr. Andersen.

One of the babies has flipped to head down and the other one is still kind of transverse with her butt in the wrong place. It was unclear on the little ultrasound who was closest to the cervix but he did say a natural delivery looks like it's back on the radar if the baby that is head down is indeed closer. So, now I pray and cross my fingers that her sister decides to do a big flip so I have two vertex babies!! We checked and the cervix is still closed as well which is awesome but kind of a bummer for someone who would like to have babies soon! ;)

All in all it was a good day. There were lots of laughs up in L&D during the NST and my appointment went well. Both girls seem to be doing well and are healthy and I can't ask for much more than that!


Annie Boehrns said...

I'm here complaining right with you. Take my complaints and double them;.) Seriously, today I am going to go INSANE with my 3 terrorists and the rainy day. Could I slip them a benadryl in their apple juice? hmmmmmmm tempting.
I'm really annoyed with being pregnant at this point. SICK OF IT. Induction next week? yes please (if it were up to me right this minute to decide it's a go---we'll see how I feel at my appt tomorrow.) anyhow, I got 'trapped' the other night after mops.....that lady that pretty much hogged the conversation when we were leaving? yeah, well.......I can fill you in sometime. She wants to do a playdate this week or next week. umm. DUH? no thanks. Her 3 boys are uber-hyper and just the thought? ugh.
anyhow,.....you can see you're not alone in any crankiness lately. Join the club!!;.) Embrace it. Hugs, Annie

Julie said...

congrats on reaching 35 weeks! that's awesome for twins! great work, mama! cooper was born a singleton at 35 weeks and did super well (minus the colic and reflux, of course) so I have faith that your girls will do great whenever they decide they're ready to meet you which for your sake I hope is soon :) xoxo