Monday, December 20, 2010


That's right folks - identical twins. I had my first ultrasound at the doctor's office today and fortunately I think their tech is great since we'll be seeing quite a bit of each other. She said that typically she will do a growth scan on the babies every four weeks and possibly more than that depending on how things go. She also said that every time I'm at the office one of the doctor's will do a quick ultrasound to check the heartbeat since using a doppler isn't as accurate when you're trying to track more than one little one. I'll also start having more frequent visits earlier than a woman would if she were only having one baby. I'll learn more details on that next month when I meet with the doctors for the first time.

The ultrasound tech was able to tell pretty quickly that they're identical little babies. They share one single placenta and are in the same chorion together. She tried for a long time to find a membrane separating the two and while she thinks she saw one she's not 100% sure which at this moment isn't cause for concern. If we find out definitively at some point that there isn't a membrane separating them into their own amniotic sacs then we start to worry. Even so carrying identical twins who share a placenta has some additional risks. I won't go into detail about that here - no need to worry about it unless it becomes an issue at some point.

Both of them are measuring the same size which is fantastic. Baby A is measuring 12 weeks 5 days (6.31 cm) and Baby B is measuring the same (6.32 cm) According to LMP (last menstrual period) I am 12 weeks 6 days so they are measuring just perfect. Baby A had a heartrate of 165 and Baby B's was 159. It's still too early to tell whether they are boys or girls (although I do have a hunch ;) but we all agreed that we thought we saw 2 arms and 2 legs on each of them! Both babies were pretty quiet at first but by the time we were finished both of them were bopping around in there - it's the sweetest thing to see your little babies moving and grooving on the screen!

In other baby related news Elliot is starting to grasp the concept that there are babies in Mommy's tummy. I've had to teach him not to squish the babies since he's used to using me as a springboard to get where ever it is that he wants to get! He now tells them sorry, rubs my belly and gives them kisses. It melts my heart every.single.time. He can be a wild and crazy little guy but deep down I think he's a softy with a big heart. When we ask him how many babies Mommy is going to have he answers: "Two little babies!!" while holding up two fingers of course! Hadley still doesn't quite get the baby thing - I think she will have the hardest time adjusting to new little people in the house!

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Jane D. said...

Wow! That is fun stuff...the identical thing! Praying for healthy babies and healthy mommy throughout!