Monday, October 18, 2010

April 2010

Ok....back to blogging business. This will probably be pretty quick and have zero pictures - you'll just have to grin and bear it I guess.

Quick highlights:
  • Hadley started eating some solid food. Well, we tried anyway & it was quite apparent she was NOT eating off a spoon for us. So, we kept life simple and just gave her bottles. Obviously she's survived.
  • As the weather got nicer we got out more. The kids had fun at some parks in Ames.
  • Easter. Cornerstone Church did a fantastic drama. My parents stayed at our place. The kids had a blast opening their Easter baskets & we had a yummy meal. Elliot hunted for eggs outside our apartment.
  • Elliot spent a Valentine's weekend at Mum-Mum & Papa's. They made and decorated sugar cookies, he played with the animals and had a good time.
  • Hadley had her 6 month pictures taken. They turned out fantastic!
  • Elliot is obsessed with putting on hats.
  • We head to Orange City/Sioux Center for Grandma Bidwell's birthday celebration. It was a great time spent hanging out with family.
  • We start to box some of our stuff up. It goes super slowly, I get discouraged, and put it off ;)
  • Petey is extremely busy with school work and trying to get it all done before the end.
  • We discover we can check cameras (nice cameras) out from ISU. I spend a lot of time snapping pictures of the kids. Well, mostly Hadley since she couldn't get away as fast as Elliot.
  • We took graduation picture of Petey & Jess around campus.

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