Monday, August 31, 2009


Have I mentioned before that I married an absolutely amazing man? Possibly the most amazing man there is - too bad for the rest of you ladies out there!

Yes, I may be biased a bit but I'm allowed and it's fun to brag about how great my hubby is sometimes. This weekend he pulled off a feat I didn't know he could do - he surprised the heck out of me. I mean seriously this surprise came completely out of the blue but it was AWESOME!

With the help of a few other sneaky people in my life he pulled off a surprise baby shower for me :) Saturday my mom watched Elliot for us so we could have a nice lunch and do some shopping. I didn't think anything of that & really enjoyed some adult conversation & not having to wrangle Elliot in a restaurant. The only strange thing was that our sliding door was locked when we came home but I didn't give it too much thought & Petey seriously gave NOTHING up. How he kept such a straight face is beyond me.....

So, I come in our front door & VOILA - baby shower! It wasn't a large gathering but it was awesome to have everyone there to surprise me. It was also great to get some new things for Cupcake. Most of her stuff is super nice but from garage sales or consignment shops. This has given us the chance to get her a LOT of stuff but I was starting to feel a bit bummed out that she wasn't going to get new stuff that was all her own. I know it may sound silly but that's how I was feeling so it was great to know that she had some things that are solely HERS & not hand-me-downs from her brother or other items from someone else. I had a fantastic time and felt really special especially because I wasn't in the hospital this time and this shower actually got to happen. Petey apparently had tried to plan a small shower last time when I was pregnant with Elliot but I ended up in the hospital two days before it - OOPS!

(I'll post some pictures on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.)

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Jane D. said...

I heard about it from Anndee and was soooo thrilled to hear that they did that for you! Yay!!!!