Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been awhile

I realize and admit this blog has been ignored and put on the back burner lately. Life feels as if it has taken off and is pulling me in every possible direction which has taught me how un-stretchy I am! ;)

My little boy is 1! I can hardly believe it's been more than a year since he was born, more than a year since I spent all that time in the hospital, and more than a year since that NICU journey began. He truly is amazing and is a huge blessing although some days it's hard to remember that all the time. Being a mommy is tough but I do love it & I can't imagine him not being here and not being mine. Elliot is crawling like a pro all over the place and is walking along furniture with more and more bravery everyday. Soon he'll be running all over the place and I know I'm not ready for that! Last week he learned how to do stairs out of the blue & gave me a near heartattack! I had gone to the bathroom & when I came back he was up to the 4th or 5th step - whoa!

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and will be heading for an ultrasound later this afternoon. Fortunately Petey will actually get to be there with me as his boss gave him half of today & all of tomorrow off. We're both excited and hopeful that we'll be able to find out what we're having. Today will also be the start of serial ultrasounds - these will happen every two weeks unless my doctor feels they need to be more frequent. I've been feeling pretty good this time around although some things have definitely been different. I've already been a bit uncomfortable at night and I know it will only continue to get worse.

Breast cancer has struck close to home again. My grandma dealt with it about 7 years ago & came out on top :) Last month my mom was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ which is actually a pre-cancerous condition but must be treated as though it is cancer or it will become cancer. After meeting with her doctor's in Fort Dodge her & my dad decided to get a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN which is one of the best medical centers in this part of the country. Before heading up there she was planning on having a double mastectomy to stop this nasty business from growing anymore. But, after meeting with a team of doctors they have decided that radiation & tamoxifin are the best course of action right now. She will be doing her radiation treatments in Ames so we'll get to see more of her & my dad.
BC has also struck a woman I respect very much named Julie. We have gotten to know each other through iVillage. She was also on bedrest & had her son about two weeks after Elliot. She's amazingly strong and, like my mom, will kick this disease to the curb.

Petey's internship is going well and he seems to enjoy it. Elliot and I went to see him at work & met his boss. Elliot loved it there once he found some toys to play with ;) The next day we went back for lunch with him and Elliot was much happier since there were women there. He really is a ladies man!

I would love to update more on our lives and could probably type all day but Mr. Elliot has an appointment I must get ready to go to. If I have a chance I'll be back tonight to update on what we're having!!!

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What are you having??? what are you having??? what are you having??? :) DO SHARE!!!